24-26 April 2009

250 used computer sets were restored and given to the people in need with the help of volunteers. 

The computers were delivered to their future owners with the help of several organisations:

Vanurite Eneseabi ja Nõustamise Ühing (The Self-Help and Advisory Association for Senior Citizens)
Lastekaitse Liit (Estonian Union for Child Welfare)
Eesti Suurperede Abistamise Selts (Estonian Union for Large Families)

23-24 September 2011

50 volunteers including students from the IT college and many IT companies restored more than 200 computers and monitors. 

Computers, monitors and other devices were donated by Elion, EMT, 3 Step IT, Center of Registers and Informationsystems, Swedbank, SEB, Skype, Estonian Air ja SK ID solutions AS, software was provided by Microsoft.

The events were additionally supported by Eden Vesi, backery Köök ja Kook pagariäri and office supply store Büroomaailm.

The restored computers were given to the Estonian Union for Large Families (Eesti Suurperede Abistamise Seltsile), to the charity Foundation Let There Be Light (Saagu Valgus), to The Self-Help and Advisory Association for Senior Citizens (Vanurite Eneseabi ja Nõustamise Ühingule) and to other smaller organisations that help those who lack the opportunity to buy a computer for themselves. 

Computers were also given to organisations and people who stepped forward after learning about the project through various media channels.