A cooperation agreement was signed in the IT College by the main partners of the Look@world Foundation and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications as the representative of the state on 23 May 2006. The agreement stipulates that the signing partners would finance the project "Arvutikaitse 2009" with 60 million kroons during three years. 

Partners of the project include:
EMT, SEB, Elion ja Swedpank, eSchool (eKool), Krediidipank, Tax and Customs Board (Maksu- ja Tolliamet), Center of Registers and Information Systems (Registrite ja Infosüsteemide Keskus), Nordea pank, Eesti Energia, Sertification Center (Sertifitseerimiskeskus), Tele 2, Sampo pank, Information System Authority (Riigi Infosüsteemide Arenduskeskus), City of Tallinn (Tallinna linn), Elisa