Look@World Foundation (Vaata Maailma SA) was founded in 2001 by: AS Hansapank, AS Eesti Ühispank, AS Eesti Telefon, AS EMT, IBM Eesti OÜ, Oracle Nederlands BV Estonia, AS Microlink, IT Grupp AS, AS Baltic Computer System ja AS Starman.

Our goal is to serve public interest by supporting education, science and culture via encouraging and popularising the use of Internet and ICT. Through its activities the Foundation aims to raise the quality of life in Estonia.

Our projects concentrate on:

  • ICT-skills
  • ICT-related after-school activities
  • safe use of ICT

Networks of collaboration



Look@world foundation has extensive experience in co-ordinating large scale projects related to the use of ICT 

Look@world (Vaata Maailma SA) is a project based organisation that focuses on promoting the (safe) use of computers and the Internet, therefore supporting education, science and culture in Estonia and enhancing the quality of life here. 

Project areas:

  • ICT skills;
  • ICT-related hobby education;
  • safe use of ICT

More projects


Friends and partners of Look@World Foundation:

Swedbank (AS Hansapank), SEB (AS Eesti Ühispank), AS Eesti Telefon, Telia (AS EMT), Microsoft Estonia, IBM Eesti OÜ, Oracle, Nederlands BV Eesti filiaal, AS Microlink, IT Grupp AS, AS Baltic Computer System and AS Starman.